Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 3

Today started off pretty good. The baby woke me up about 7:45am and I changed his diaper, then changed his clothes because he had soaked through his pajama's. I ate breakfast and gave N his breakfast and then not 15 minutes after I changed him out of his pajamas, started to smell something.... So off came outfit #2. We both went to wal mart to get more diapers and to get the oil changed in the car. I got in line at the counter to give the wal mart associate my vehicles information and started the whole process. When I asked about the wait time the woman at the counter said "well, there are 4 cars ahead of you and each one takes about 20 minutes so..." the man that was standing there interrupted and said "About 40 minutes." And I was like "umm so like an hour and a half?" Then the woman started asking me questions about the car. She asked the make, I said a mountaineer. The man spelled it for her... Then she asked who made it. The man answered "Ford", I just kind of looked at him like who the heck are you and said "Mercury". She asked what kind of engine it had, the man answered "V-8" I said I didn't know. Then she asked the color to which the man answered "I can't tell you that"..... Really? Do I just have a I-am-an-idiot sticker on my forehead?
 While the oil was getting changed we walked over to Verizon so I could cancel Nathan's phone. Nathaniel was very good this whole time and I was thinking to myself that this trip was going to be easier than I thought! We walked back over to wal mart and as I was putting N in the cart I noticed his shirt was all wet. Of course he would have thrown up all over himself! Too bad, I didn't have the diaper bag with me in the store so I couldn't clean him up at all.
While we were gone, my friend Darcy had stopped by the house and gave me a piece of cheesecake. I LOVE cheesecake. I really do have the best friends in the world. After I ate the cheesecake I asked my neighbor Heidy to babysit while I ran more stuff to storage. Have I mentioned my storage unit before? It's in an old warehouse right in the bad part of town. Anyone can get in --the door is propped open and even if it wasn't it's unlocked anyway. The units are separated by plywood. The doors are even plywood and they don't really fit so you can see what everyone is storing. It's pretty ghetto to say the least. I was the only one there which made the whole place even spookier. Taking box after box upstairs I started thinking that it's places like these where people get murdered... The storage facility does have a security system. There is a camera at the top of the stairs that looks like it was bought at wal mart 10 years ago and there is a sign right below it telling you to "smile, you're on camera!". Ah well, I lived and no one tried to mug me or kill me or steal my stuff. It was almost 80 degrees today and I was glad when everything was packed away and I didn't have to carry another box up the stairs.
Then I came home. And Nathan wasn't there.... I figure I was just tired from running up and down those stairs with heavy boxes but I started to miss him a lot. I saw our picture on the wall and started feeling sorry for myself. Then I picked up his dirty clothes and started to cry. Oh Nathan, what have you done to me??? I decided to get online and write him an email and saw that he had already written me! I was so excited! (It's amazing how fast we go back to dating mode) It was really short and sweet but that's all I needed right then :-). I thank God He gave Nathan to me. We compliment each other so perfectly and I love him so much!
Anyway, my friend Charlotte invited me to eat dinner with her family (her husband is also deployed) and then we went to church together. It was nice to be able to bring the baby to the nursery but as I was walking out the door, one of the older kids walked over to N and almost poked him in the eye with a pencil. Thankfully I saw it coming and grabbed it from his hand.... I am probably a bad mother for actually leaving him there but the workers assured me that he would be fine. And he was, so it's all good :-)
 I came home to another e-mail from Nathan --I missed him online again! :-( He had written me 2 hours earlier and said he couldn't sleep. That absolutely amazed me because 2 hours earlier while I was at church, I looked at the clock and realized it was 3:30am in Iraq and I prayed for God to help Nathan sleep. Nathan had written me at 3:36am. Maybe you don't think that is totally awesome but I do. I want my soldier in Iraq to be awake and alert during the day so he doesn't get himself or others killed. It's one thing when you are at your stressful job here in America and are sleep deprived -- it usually doesn't get you killed. It's a whole other thing to be at war in Iraq and sleep deprived --it could mean your life.
 I know God prompted me to pray for him at that moment. We serve an amazing God!

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  1. Today I was sleep deprived because my child is teething or something and is awake all night crying and his dad has been gone for the last few days. And after being so sleep deprived I then still had to go to work, not noticing that I forgot to button the top three buttons of my uniform, and then I had a patient who had seriously stopped breathing and could not get air in and I was 35 minutes from a hospital.

    You get through.
    Even when you're exhausted and solely responsible for a five month old who cries all night and a man who can't breathe.
    You just keep telling yourself tomorrow will be a better day.