Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 4

Today was a busy, long, day. I got quite a bit done but it seemed like today took forever to end! I packed for about an hour and then I went over to my neighbor Jana's house and babysat her two kids and did a few loads of my laundry (since our washer and dryer are in storage). Jana's daughter came over to my house a little later and helped me pack while N took a nap. I seemed to have forgotten how kids ask so many question, but at about the 5 millionth question I remembered :-). I asked her to put everything I gave her in a box and when I handed her a pacifier she asked "is this a paci?" I said yes, and she responded in shock :"You are taking baby N with you!?!?!?" She is so darn cute :-).
I guess not too many exciting things happened today. Jessica, Amanda and I had a pizza party at Jessica's house since all of our husbands are deployed. We ate a lot of pizza and brownies and drank soda (remember, I am not starting my diet until AFTER I move home ;-) ) It's weird how fast "normal" sets in. It's already completely normal for me to come home to a dark house, get N to bed, clean up, get on the computer, and fall asleep with the bed all to myself.
While I was at Jana's I saw a map in her son's room of the world. She had outlined our state and also outlined Iraq. It made me sad to actually SEE that Nathan really is across the world from me. I hate the time difference. Heck, I hate the continent difference! Oh well. I just keep reminding myself that we can't change our circumstances but we CAN change our attitude. Amanda told me a while back that you can be mad and angry at your husband for leaving or you can accept it and move on and be happy but either way, he is still leaving.
This year that Nathan and I are apart I am going to really try to look back at the mistakes I made in our marriage and try to learn from them and do better. I am going to develop myself the absolute best I can. I have never been the type of person to just do nothing. I have always been very involved in outside activities (a perk of being homeschooled) and I plan on jumping right back into the old things I used to do back home. I already have my old job lined up, I am thinking about taking piano lessons again (I took lessons for about 12 years) maybe try martial arts again, and I am looking forward to snowboarding with my sisters and teaching my younger sisters who have never gone. I am thankful and excited for these opportunities to learn and grow. I guess I am also thankful for Nathan talking me into moving back home :-) (not sure he was thinking about me having more opportunities but maybe more about how much money we will save....)
If your husband is home with you tonight, please don't take him for granted. Kiss him and tell him you love him. There are a lot of wives out there right now who would give anything to do just that. Goodnight.

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  1. You made me cry. I'm going to crawl in bed and snuggle my husband, and thank God for him as well as men like your husband who are defending our country.