Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Musings

Today I put N in his crib so that I could fold his clothes. N absolutely HATES being put down anywhere so he started crying and then stopped, so I looked over and he had pulled himself up to a standing position in the crib. That was the very first time he pulled himself up all by himself. He is growing up so fast! It's so hard to think that in 2 more months he will be one year old.
I think Nathan has it worse than me (besides the fact that he gets shot at and I don't and oh yeah, he's in IRAQ). I feel bad for him that he has to miss all of N's firsts. Granted, pulling yourself up for the first time really isn't a big deal but it is if it's YOUR kid doing it. It's funny how I always think N is the smartest kid in the world because of something so little --he knows his name, he holds his bottle, he rolls over, even when he smiles :-).
I "tried-out" today for the hair salon and I passed (woo-hoo!). I start tomorrow which I am very excited about. It has been hard for me to not work these past 2 years. When we lived at Fort Knox, Kentucky, I couldn't get a job anywhere! Not wal-mart, the dollar store, day cares, Sally's --you get the picture, so I ended up volunteering at the red cross (which I actually really liked). I think that was a blessing in disguise though, as I met many wonderful people who I am still friends with (thank you, facebook!). Both of my lives have so many pros and con's (yes, I lead 2 lives. One with Nathan, the other by myself). I like the freedom I have apart from Nathan, I like just coming and going as I please, I like being independent. But at the same time I love being with Nathan, taking care of him, making him meals (okay, okay, so Nathan actually cooks a lot for me but I DO make him some meals!) I love laying in bed with him at night. I love it when our feet touch when we are almost asleep. Nathan always says that he loves it when our feet touch, it's like they're holding hands. :-) I like hearing about his day. I just like talking to him.
Tonight at the movie theater there was a couple sitting next to each other with 2 kids, the husband had his arm around his wife's shoulder, gently touching her, and I couldn't help but be a little jealous. Does she know what a privilege it is to have her husband with her? I love my friend Amanda, whenever someone accidentally touches her whether it is her shoulder, back, or foot, she always says Oh I like that. I haven't been touched in a long time. (Her husband has been gone for several months now) I always thought it was hilarious but now I realize that she is being serious. I miss Nathan's touch. I miss his voice. I miss him losing things and blaming me for it.
Oh goodness. I am really starting to sound depressing. I actually had a really good day today. I wasn't nervous "trying-out" for my job, I did a nice hair cut, I worked out (if you can call walking on the treadmill working-out), I saw a movie with my sisters, the only thing missing was Nathan. Oops, sorry, this is my diary so I guess you will just have to deal with me being all depressing and melancholy. Speaking of melancholy, for about 15 years of my life I thought that word was pronounced Muh-lank-olly and tonight in the movie the main character pronounced it that way too! Yay for being homeschooled! :-) Tonight I am going to end my entry on a positive note.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory that is to be revealed to us. Romans 8:18

Praise the Lord!


  1. um, is it NOT pronounced "melon-colly"?

    Dear, oh dear...

  2. haha why yes it is! I meant to say "Muh-lank-olly"