Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 5

What in the world would I do without my amazing friends??? Today started out rough. N got me up at 7:00am (I refuse to use military time) which was good I guess. I got a lot done since I got up earlier but at the same time I really wanted my sleep! At 9:30am I went to my friend Amber's house to babysit her son who is about a month older than N. Everything started off okay but as hour 2 rolled around both kids started crying for absolutely no reason. And they cried and screamed for another hour until Amber got home. If you know me at all you know that my child is completely spoiled because crying children make my blood boil so I end up picking them up so they stop....(Yes, I know I will regret this. Don't judge me) So having these kids cry for 2 hours got me all stressed out. Then I came home and started packing and cleaning some more. I had to put N in the pack 'n play because my house is not baby proof anymore and I needed to take boxes out to the car. The ENTIRE time he was in the pack 'n play he screamed. He has this really high pitched, ear piercing scream that really gets under my skin and is really irritating to all who hear. After seeing everything that STILL needs to be done in the house and having a crying baby I had a mental breakdown. It would have been fine if no one had witnessed it but alas, Jana came over with a load of my laundry and saw me sitting on the air mattress crying. She asked what was wrong and I said I couldn't talk about it. I went on to tell her that this is all Nathan's fault and if he hadn't gotten an all-expense-paid-trip to Iraq I wouldn't be in this situation (it's easier for me to be mad at Nathan than to miss him). So here I am laying on the air mattress with N crying, telling Jana how horrible my life is. She suggested therapy and drugs and I said heck yeah! :-D then I got my act together and started bringing more boxes out to the car. Then I went to my creepy storage unit (Thank you Amber for babysitting!!!) and couldn't for the life of me get the stupid lock combination to work (which of course is Nathan's fault, and also the probably-poisonous spider on the porch, the baby crying --you get the picture). After 10 minutes I finally got the lock to unlock and I started loading up more junk. I came home, got the baby and brought yet more boxes to the car. Darcy then came over and helped me a TON in the house. We got pretty much everything out of the house! Amanda came to babysit for me while Darcy and I went to the storage unit to drop our last load off (I think I might have 1 more trip tomorrow but we have the majority done). Jessica was an angel and brought me over dinner, (she is a chef at a fancy restaurant) which was very good. Where would I be without my neighbors? Hungry, with a crying child and lots of packing to do. While I was totally stressed out I forgot that I was going to have lunch with my neighbor and friend Heidy. I felt so bad when she asked me where I was but I felt even worse because I had just forgotten and then when she asked I was thinking that we were going tomorrow so I was just totally all messed up (Darcy made me feel like I was NOT going insane though and explained that tomorrow I am going out with HER so maybe I just confused the 2?)
My poor Nathan, I was so stressed out today that I put his desk (that is a whole 1 year old), computer chair, filing cabinet and *GASP* his grill by the side of the road.... (before you tell my how bad of a wife I am please explain to me how in the world I was going to bring those things to our upstairs storage unit?) Within like 15 minutes the desk and chair were gone, the cabinet is still out there (but tomorrow is garbage day) and Amanda took the grill. I haven't even told him yet...
Anyway, N has this cloth book that makes a siren noise. Today when I pressed it he started making this high-pitched siren noise as well. I pressed it again and sure enough he made the sound again. So of course I think he is absolutely the smartest baby in the whole world and showed it to all of my friends (and he actually did perform on queue!) Then Darcy said that he was doing that earlier when the fire trucks were going by with their sirens on too! He definitely is a genius baby. So here I am, going to bed at 8:00pm. I hate it that it is Tuesday here but it is already Wednesday in Iraq. I hate it that I am just going to bed and Nathan is just getting up. Almost 1 week down. So many more to go :-(

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